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8.7.05 Salmon Butte
Nice August hike up Salmon Butte; 9 miles, 2770' elevation gain; Jim, Dan and Dave.

01 This is the first view of Mt. Hood along the trail.  Devil's Peak is in the foreground. 02 Closeup shot from the same viewpoint 05 Mt. Hood from the summit of Salmon Butte.  Devils peak is in the foreground, with Tom Dick and Harry Mountain to the right, the next ridge closer to Hood. 06 The three stooges at the top. 08 Hunchback Mountain.  You can follow a trail from the Zig Zag Ranger Station all the way up Hunchback to Devils Peak for an 18+ mile day. 09 Rainier framed between some trees. 10 Hood again 11 One last shot of Jefferson before heading down.